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EMI with Rafal Payne
Recommended in The Penguin Guide to CDs and DVDs - Edward Greenfield.
"...tremendous personality and life... Zambryzcki-Payne's partner, Carole Presland, is a superb pianist..."

"RZP and CP are alert to the (Britten) Suite's every outsize gesture - save for the Lullaby, which they perform with an appropriate sense of mystery. Payne and Presland keep the musical arguments taut and purposeful, something they also do for Grieg's greatest violin sonata. It's a good, sturdy performance, vital and expressive and very nicely recorded"

"Symanowski appears to be feeling his way, vacillating between tempestuous outbursts of Germanic angst and an unmistakably Gallic sensuality. Z-P and Presland throw themselves headlong in to the work, positively revelling in its hedonistic contrasts. This talented team negotiate the music's bewildering cross-currents like primed athletes. Although it is the Grieg Sonata's sturm und drang  character that makes the greatest impact here, when the music turns inwards there is also much poetry. I have rarely heard the outer sections of the slow movement played with such tender sensitivity, nor its elfin central section so magically voiced. A dashing performance" The Strad.

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Transatlantic with Ning Kam
Classics Today 10/10:
" This disc is pure fancy and fun, artfully executed. Carole Presland makes an excellent partner in this quirky venture, always willing to take the tongue-in-cheek moments as seriously as Ning Kam does, allowing the listener the lion's share of enjoyment. And everything from the sonics to the packaging makes this an attractive, exciting  and worthwhile release."

American Record Guide 8/10:
"I love the way Kam and Presland play the five pieces called Hexapoda by Robert Russell Bennett. I even prefer them to the Heifetz recording because of the really idiomatic feeling they have for the music"

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Jonathan Morton recital
Debussy Sonata featured on BBC Radio 3's 'Record Review'
Crescendo magazine,Belgium 10/10
" Truly this music sings with a blissful intensity. Carole Presland does not short-change us in the dramatic passages, of which there are quite a few. Morton and Presland excel in the Delage-like exoticism of La Fontaines d'Arethuse. The textures are beautifully rendered...The Violin Sonata of Debussy also works extremely well in the care of Morton and Presland. This recital is strongly recommended." Music Web International

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Bach with Ruth Waterman
'This is the second time I have had the pleasure of encountering Carole Presland's poised and finely judged pianism' The Strad

"Thoughtful and finely nuanced Bach Sonata recordings... lovingly prepared". Gramophone.

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Moor with Gregor Horsch:
Horsch and Presland have embraced this music in their concert programme and give exhilarating performances of these works, all appearing for the first time on CD"

"This is an exceptionally fine disc..with performances this ardent we can wallow in the moment and relish the intensity of the music making" MusicWeb International

Horsch and Presland not only offer superb playing in their own rights, but also form a perfectly matched duo in sound which offers sheer joy to the listener". Das Orchester

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Julian Sperry Flute recital
'CD Choice' in the London Evening Standard
"well played and excellently recorded...his pianist is quite splendid" Musical Opinion

"It is always a pleasure to listen to instrumentalists like Julian Sperry and Carole Presland, when they have reached that standard of music-making where all the works they play seem easy and you know that they are not...Their playing has an expressive intensity of feeling which really brings the music alive... an excellent CD."
'Musician' magazine

"The Pierne is a magnificent work, with a virtuosic piano part, admirably played by Carole Presland. Very musical playing, well recorded and well worth hearing" PAN magazine

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Enesco with Ning Kam